More Happy Bubbles on the way

Fri, Sep 23, 2016

First, thank you to everyone who has ordered devices and shown support. The response for the presence detector has been great and I’ve heard from many of you that you like using them. This is fantastic!

In fact, it’s been so fantastic that I’ve recently sold out of the first production batch and am waiting for the new one to come in. I hope they’ll arrive in the beginning of October and I can start selling them again.

In the meantime, beacons have been added to the store! Many of you have asked for suggestions on which beacons work best with the detector and while they all can work, I’ve searched for a while to find the ones I’m selling there. They are very small, light, have good range, and great battery life. They run on CR2032 batteries and can last for months, even longer if you configure them to advertise less.

The blog will be updated when the new batch comes in. Thanks again everyone!

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