New shipment! And Home Assistant support!

Fri, Sep 30, 2016

Thank you everyone for your patience and a lot of you have asked when more Happy Bubbles Presence Detectors will be in stock. I’m happy to say that the new shipment of boards just came in! So they’re ready to order and send out again.

Also, the new Happy Bubbles Presence Server version 1.3 ( now works with Home Assistant! This is something I am very excited about because I know a lot of you have been asking about it and use Home Assistant in your setups. The Presence Server is now compatible with the “MQTT Room Presence” component:

To get it to work with Happy Bubbles, when you set it up in Home Assistant, just use this as the “state_topic”:

state_topic: 'happy-bubbles/presence/ha'

Then you can add the beacon ID’s and beacon names that you find and define on the Presence Server.

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