1. Power the unit on by plugging in a micro USB cable.
  2. Status LED should be orange to indicate it's in 'Config Mode'. If not, hold down the 'config' button for about 5 seconds.
  3. Look for an access point called 'happy-bubbles-ble' on your phone or computer, and connect to it.
  4. On a browser, go to
  5. You will see a user-interface where you can change the unit's hostname on your network, select it which WiFi network to connect, and enter which MQTT server to connect to and communicate on.
  6. Finally, when you've changed the settings how you want them, hold the config button down for about 5 seconds. The detector should reboot itself and the status LED will quickly blink purple few times. This means it's in 'Operation Mode'. It's now listening for Bluetooth beacons and sending their info over MQTT. NOTE: For security reasons, the config user interface webpage can only be accessed when the unit is in 'Config Mode'.


Config mode

Config mode is when the LED is orange. To enter it, just hold the config button down for about 5 seconds. In config mode, it will be available by connecting to the "happy-bubbles-ble" access point on your wifi.

You can access the web interface to configure the unit by going to when connected to the "happy-bubbles-ble" access point.

Listening mode

Listening mode is when the device is scanning for Bluetooth Low Energy advertisements. It will connect to the Wifi access point you set it up for in config mode and send the advertisements it sees to the MQTT server.

You'll know you're in Listening mode when the LED blinks purple a few times in the beginning.

In listening mode, the "happy-bubbles-ble" access point and the config web interface will not be available. This is for security purposes to keep someone from connecting and changing the settings.